IAN - Grupo Alimentario

Protecting the environment is one of the pillars of the IAN Group's commitment to the planet.

We understand that, to be sustainable, we must be responsible in our business scope and generate economic, social and environmental value simultaneously.

Clean production involves the identification and analysis of process changes, and year after year the improvements in this area are seen:

Sustainable packaging

The use of lighter materials has reduced the environmental impact and waste generation. We have carried out various actions with which we have reduced te amount of steel, plastic, glass and cardboard in our packaging.

Reduce the carbon footprint

We use cleaner and more environmentally-friendly sources of energy, and we replace methods of working by other newer-generation ones:

  • We substituted biofuel (biomass boiler) for oil boilers, reducing air emissions and using sustainable energy sources in our Comaro plant.

  • We replaced our internal fleet of gas or diesel trucks with electric trucks.

Caring for water

We treat the resulting waste-water discharges and uncontaminated water, use these by-products for agriculture.

Recycling culture

We separate and recycle, using certified companies, all waste generated: scrap metal, paper and cardboard, plastics, glass, wood, oils and solvents, aerosols and contaminated packaging, ink cartridges, batteries, etc.