IAN - Grupo Alimentario

The IAN Food Group's international focus has enabled us to export our products to over 55 countries. We are present on all five continents with our own brand and distributors. The main countries to which we export are: Germany, France, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and Japan.

Our chief export product is the Olive. Having our Comaro plant in Cáceres, a pre-eminent olive producing area, makes us specialists in the preparation of this product. Our main expertise is with black olives, though our range of olives is very wide and varied.

The IAN Food Group's desire for innovation is latent in this olive sector, bringing to market new product types and formats, both tinned and in glass jars.

As for product types, in addition to the standard whole olives, sliced, stuffed and stoned, our latest additions have been olives cut in half and in sections, as well as the range of fillings with different specialities.

In terms of the varieties of olive, we work with the Hojiblanca, the Cacere'a, and the world-renowned Manzanilla.

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In addition to the olives, also canned Tomatoes and Sauces, and cooked Legumes and Vegetables, occupy a relevant place in our exportations. In this sense, the incorporation of Taboada to the Group has been an important advance, especially in the Food Service channel in the French market.

Special mention must be made of the growth of our line of Exported Microwavable Meals. The incorporation of an international line such as pasta dishes and supplemented with traditional Spanish Paella has greatly helped with the exporting of these products. Our mastery of the production process and our flexibility to adapt recipes to different markets have also contributed to the growth of sales figures in recent years.