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IAN - Grupo Alimentario IAN - Grupo Alimentario

Food Safety, Quality and Innovation.

We manufacture under stringent food safety and quality standards, .

At IAN, we have a multidisciplinary Research, Development and Innovation team which has managed to establish a culture of innovation in all its factories and departments. The result of this philosophy is the continuous development of new products and services.

We have dedicated significant human and financial resources to R&D+i, spending over the national and European averages. The result is an innovative company, with significant developments in the market, some of which are protected under patent, such as:

  • Our opening system ABRE-�RAS! for our tinned containers. The most convenient and secure opening system on the market.

  • IAN - Grupo Alimentario

    With the process of preparing Carretilla-exclusive dishes, we create dishes with a natural and intense flavour, maintaining, as far as possible, its texture, colour, aroma and nutritional properties throughout its life, with no preservatives. All of this is thanks to the latest technology, technologically-advanced packaging and ingredients of the highest quality.

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IAN participates in the project HIPSTER. It is a multinational project in which companies, Universities and technology Centers from different EU countries are involved. This project has been funded by the Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Union, Horizon 2020. The objective is to develop the technology for thermally assisted high pressure, so new products can be developed, with higher quality and better organoleptic nutritional values. This is a natural and friendly to the environment method of preservation because it reduces energy and water consumption compared to other traditional methods of conservation.


We are recognized for the quality of our products, backed by the most prestigious international food safety standards such as:

IFS (International Featured Standards), in all our plants, which ensures the strict compliance of the required specifications and the continuous improvement in safety and quality of the products that companies set out to the consumer. BRC at our Taboada plant, rules established by the British Retail Consortium, that covers everything from the production of the product to its sale to the public.

IAN - Grupo Alimentario

This company has received a grant which is 50% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the ERDF 2007-2013 Programme in Navarre (+info)

IIAN has been granted with a financial aid for its Research and Development Project named �New process of sauces sterilization based on the application of nanotechnology (NANOEST)�. The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) manage this financial aid that is co-funded by the European Regional Development Funds 2014 - 2020. (+info)

The main objective of the project is the development of a sterilization process for sauces based on the application of a nanotechnological coating that prevents the deposition of the product on the surface of the metal tubes to improve the final product quality and productivity and efficiency of the process.
�Pasteurised/Sterilised, high-quality products and the search for complete solutions to improve the current high-pressure treatment lines� �Innovative process to preserve asparagus and develop differentiated ready dishes� �International-standard Microwavable Meals, sterilised using flash pasteurisation (HTST)�