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IAN - Grupo Alimentario

Currently in our society, reasons such as increasing numbers of single households, excessively long working hours, meals away from home, etc., all contribute to food safety and diet becoming, on occasions, part of the background.

At IAN Group, in our efforts to bring the consumer a healthy and balanced diet, we have a range of traditional tinned food and an extensive menu of over 50 dishes ready to eat in the most comfortable, quick and effortless manner. Home-made recipes made with natural ingredients, without preservatives, and based on the Mediterranean diet: vegetables, beans, salad, rice, pasta, meat, fish, etc.

Our dishes are prepared under the "Exclusivo and Patented Carretilla Process", which, together with the use of technologically-advanced packaging and the quality of our ingredients, mean Microwavable Meals with no preservatives which keep their nutritional and organoleptic properties for a year without the need for cooling See more

Since we began working, our care and interest for food quality, health and safety has led us to become a member of the Spanish Foundation for Nutrition (FEN), the top national organism for nutrition in the science sector.